Flavía Carvalho Alcantara Gomes

Flavía  Carvalho Alcantara GOMESLugar y fecha de nacimiento: Rio de Janeiro
Nacionalidad: Brazilian
Institución donde trabaja: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Dirección: Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Número telefónico: 5521-39386463
e-mail: fgomesanato@gmail.com

Breve descripción del Campo de investigación

Dr. Gomes’ main interest is to understand how glial cells communicate with neurons during brain development, adulthood and ageing and how deficits in neuron-glia interactions impact brain function. She aims to unveil the mechanisms underlying how glial cells contribute to synapse formation/function, key step to generate therapeutic approaches for recovery of the injured brain. Dr. Gomes’ team also focuses on understanding the heterogeneity of astrocytes in different brain regions and how it influences neurodegenerative diseases. Lastly, through studies, executed in parallel in humans and rodents, Dr. Gomes’ aim to establish how the function and organization of glial cells impact our cognitive abilities.