The Nature, Origin and Propagation of the Electric Field: A New Insight to Fundamental Physics

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Se presentan puntos de vista no convencionales para las teorías establecidas y utilizadas durante dos siglos. El tema es de interés general y de gran significado. El campo del electromagnetismo forma parte fundamental de la ciencia y la tecnología y he presentado algunas novedades sobre la naturaleza del campo eléctrico y su propagación, con el propósito de entender por que la carga del electrón es eterna.

The Nature, Origin and Propagation of the Electric Field: A New Insight to Fundamental Physics
Narahari V. Joshi
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Abstract. The nature, origin and propagation of the electric field are discussed for the first time on the basis of the presence of vibrating strings in the space and their self-excitation process. It is considered that the electron is formed from strings and it has specific vibrational frequency. This excites the strings which are close by with the self-excitation process. This procedure continuous in the space according to the symmetry and vibrational energy in the form of waves spread near the electron (or the charge particle) which behaves and carries energy known as electric field. In fact, the electron does not continuously emit energy in any form but induces (or excites) and organizes energy in a self-sustain vibrational form and extends in three dimensional space. Only on the basis of the presence of strings (vibrational energy), several electromagnetic phenomena have been explained in a consistent way. The vibrational nature of the electric field is also examined with the help of Stark effect and X-ray diffraction approach to support the present view.

Confirma la existencia de elementos (vibrating strings)en el espacio que absorben la energía eléctrica; sus implicaciones.

Gauss’s Law: Re-Examination and Its Consequences

Narahari V. Joshi Faculty of Science, University of Los Andes, Merida, Venezuela
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Abstract. Gauss’s law is modified to take into account the absorption of the electric field by vacuum. It has important consequences as the absorbed energy becomes a part of the vacuum energy and excites the energy of strings in a form of quantum harmonic oscillators. Thus, vacuum becomes an excitable medium and this helps to understand the basic mechanisms for the conservation of the charge